The Best Swim Goggles for Kids — Your Ultimate Guide

Hi, my name is Dan. I am a multiple-time NCAA All-American swimmer & owner of the NYC-based swimming school.

I've been teaching swim lessons to youth swimmers of all skill levels. Through trial & error, we've tested goggles from different brands to find a quality pair that would give students maximum comfort & remain leak-free.

In this ultimate guide, I share my experience to help parents navigate the world of swim goggles and ensure their children have the best possible experience in the water.

If you're searching for the best swim goggles for kids, this article is for you.

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best swim goggles for kids

Kids Swim Goggles: What You Need To Know Before Shopping

From coaching beginners to young competitive swimmers, I know first-hand that a good pair of goggles makes a huge difference in the comfort of the water. From diving swim masks to racing goggles, you need to know what features to look for to pick the best swim goggles for your kids.

With all the goggles on the market, you might have already run into some poorly made models, and that's why you are here. Before we get to the list of the best swim goggles, let's break down the details to look for when shopping for the right pair!

Fit is Key

How well swim goggles fit your child's face is a very important aspect of the swim goggles. Swimming in goggles that are too tight is highly uncomfortable and will leave marks on your child's face; if swim goggles are too loose, water will get in. You want to look for goggles with adjustable straps and soft silicone seals, allowing you to adjust the goggles and ensure the tight seal.
  • Type of Lenses:
    The type of lenses is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for kids goggles. Clear lenses are predominantly used in indoor pools and low-light conditions as those swim goggles let through the most light. Tinted lenses are more appropriate for swimming outdoors, as they block out light and help protect the eyes from UV rays. Mirrored lenses serve equally well in bright conditions and have an extra feature: glare reduction.
  • Anti-Fog Coatings:
    Just a few things can ruin a pool session, and one of those is fogged-up lenses of your goggles. Granted, today, most goggles come with an anti-fog coating. When choosing your child's swim goggles, look for those with anti-fog protection on the lenses to ensure that he or she gets that extra visibility throughout his or her swimming time. This is an important feature, especially when children are involved in activities that may lead to temperature differences and condensation within the goggle lenses, such as indoor swimming. When the anti-fog coating wears off, you can look into special sprays to help goggles remain fog-free.
  • UV Protection:
    Safeguard your innocent and delicate kid's eyes from direct sunlight's harmful effects with goggles containing built-in UV protection. This is very important for outdoor swimming or any other activity in the sun. Look for goggles that offer 100% UV protection to shield your child's eyes from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Durability:
    The children will be in rough environments, so the selected swimming goggles should be made of good-quality, durable material to withstand rough handling and daily use. For instance, when choosing goggles, ensure that the head straps are durable and won't be easily snapped or ripped. Check goggle lenses, and make sure they're resistant to impact, thus able to withstand the hard realities of swim practice, pool play, and water games.
  • Easily Adjustable:
    Look for goggles that your child can easily adjust themselves. Look for styles with easy yet secure strap adjustments and adjustable nose pieces that will help your child modify swim goggles quickly and easily. This makes them great in terms of comfortable and secure fit and gives the young swimmer confidence in wearing goggles during races.
  • Leak-Proof Seal:
    Look for goggles with soft, hypoallergenic silicone or rubber gaskets that mold gently to a child's face and thus ensure that his or her eyes get a tight yet comfortable seal from entry of water in the surrounding area.

10 Best Kids Goggles in 2024

Now that you have been armed with the know-how, we can get into our top picks for the best swim goggles for kids.
right swim goggles for kids

Speedo Hydrospex Goggles

Speedo hydrospex goggles for kids
The Speedo Hydrospex goggles combine comfort, durability, and clarity to help young swimmers conquer the waters. The anti-fog treatment on the goggles' lenses means a perfect underwater view, which is crucial for any activity, from splashing in the pool on a sunny day to swimming lessons. Finished with a UV-protective layer, those goggles protect your child's eyes from harmful sun rays.

The one-piece, soft-frame design ensures a perfect fit that conforms comfortably to the shape of one's face. A Speed Fit head strap system enables an easy release that allows your child to quickly adjust the goggles and put them on without assistance. Wide lenses secure a comprehensive view, increasing peripheral vision to make swimming much safer and more enjoyable.

The Speedo Hydrospex swim goggles from the iconic Speedo brand are equipped with shatter-proof lenses that can take a fair beating without shattering. Their design is offered in various fun colors and often appeals to kids' tastes. Thus, Hydrosex swim goggles are a great choice for kids, whether they're having fun days in the pool or engaging in challenging swim practices as they enter the world of swimming.

Speedo Skoogle

Speedo Skoogle kids swim goggles
Introducing Speedo Skoogle Goggles, which provide the necessary comfort for kids to keep having fun during water activities. The silicone straps can be adjusted and set up correctly over the head and on the face, no matter how energetic the swimmer is. They adapt comfortably to the face's contour, ensuring changes in the shape do not occur. This smart design ensures goggles leave no marks nor cause discomfort during wear.

Other features include the antifog lenses, which bring ultra-clarity underwater and add great confidence and fun to the child in the pool. Besides, the lenses protect against harmful UV rays and shield young eyes from the sun while kids swim outdoors.

The shatter-resistant lens option and durability features make these goggles safe and long-lasting. Ideal for swim lessons or just a fun day in the water, Speedo Skoogle goggles give young swimmers the performance and comfort they need to have fun in the water.

TYR Swimple

tyr goggles
The TYR Youth Swimple Goggles are the most comfortable swim goggles for kids. Offering a user-friendly release button and easy strap adjustments, allowing you to get the perfect custom fit for your child’s face. Soft, hypoallergenic silicone gaskets provide secure sealing, keeping water out and allowing comfortable swimming.

In addition, these goggles come with anti-fog coating, giving a clear vision underwater. The lenses are treated with UV protection, which keeps the children's eyes from encountering the sun's harmful rays when having swimming activities outdoors. Offered in various bright and fun colors, those goggles are easy to spot in the pool, an important safety feature for young swimmers.

TYR Swimple Goggles are made of the best and most rigid material available. Shatter-resistant lenses mean these goggles can withstand active swimming, accidents, and scratches. These Swimple Goggles offer a reliable, comfortable, and stylish solution for an active young swimmer, whether for swim lessons, competitive swimming, or just playing in the water.'


kids swimming goggles
The Frogglez Swim Goggles are a relatively inexpensive investment that offers everything so many young swimmers want today: comfort and performance. Frogglez are not like all other goggles. With a soft, stretchy neoprene strap that goes over the top of your head, they ensure a comfortable fit with no hair pinching and no headaches.

Besides, these goggles make swimming fun for kids, as they can view what is beneath the surface with these shatterproof and anti-fogging lenses. The lenses will ensure safety from the sun's rays for a kid's eyes while using them outside. Thanks to its ergonomic design, children can put maximum attention into their swimming without worrying about water in their eyes.

Frogglez Goggles offers many colors and designs, which certainly interest and thrill a child going swimming. Attached is an adjustable buckle strap, which can be adjusted accordingly to any shape or size of the head. With a perfect combination of functionality, safety, and style, those goggles fit perfectly kids of all ages and levels of swimming skills.


swim mask for kids
Of the presented models, the Vvinca Swim Goggles are the adult-rated goggles with the most exceptional ability to ensure the clearest of view and best comfort in the water for a young swimmer. Their Polarized lenses provide exceptionally clear underwater vision, cutting out glare and filtering the intense sun rays to provide maximum comfort when swimming outdoors. This model also features an anti-fog coat and UV protection, which gives the lens the needed cover to protect the eyes and maintain clear vision.

These Vvinca goggles have soft silicone gussets that easily create a perfect, leak-free seal around the eyes. Such an ergonomic construction gives comfort in a fit; it molds into faces perfectly, thus preventing the seepage of water while enabling the swimmer to swim for long periods. Its user-friendly adjustable strap system allows fast and easy adjustments for a perfect and secure fit on most head sizes.

The design of these goggles is made with kids in mind. With a fun color scheme and durable goggle lenses, they are built to withstand heavy daily use and last forever. The Vvinca Polarized Goggle is the perfect addition to your kid’s swim gear bag for performance, protection, and style for any competitive, training, or leisure use.

Aqua Sphere Moby

aqua sphere goggles
The Aqua Sphere Moby Goggles are ergonomically designed for comfort and excellent water performance. One-piece frames easily adjust to fit most face shapes snugly. The hypoallergenic gasket provides a tight seal to offer a fun, distraction-free, and confident swimming experience.

Aqua Sphere Moby lenses are anti-fog and scratch-resistant, ensuring that your kid will have a clean and clear vision—an essential quality for training and recreational swims. They also provide 100% UVA and UVB sun protection, perfect for ensuring safe outside swimming in bright sun conditions. In addition, the side buckles are highly adjustable for fast strap fine-tuning and offer a perfectly soft fit every time.

Aqua Sphere Moby Goggles come in various colors that every kid will want and will add a specific style to their swimming gear. These goggles combine functionality, comfort, and style—all one needs for swim lessons, competitive swims, or casual pool activities.

FINIS Adventure Goggles

best leak free goggles for kids
The goggles have a soft, one-piece frame, so the fit on the face is safe and comfortable, ensuring good adaptation to different face shapes without causing discomfort. They offer a reliable, leak-proof seal through hypoallergenic silicone gaskets, allowing kids to swim freely without holding back.

The Adventure goggles are shatter-resistant and have anti-fogging lenses that guarantee clear visibility. Furthermore, these lenses protect the swimmer from harmful sun rays while swimming outside. The strap can be adjusted easily and effectively to fit properly on a head of any size or shape.

The goggles come in various fun and bright colors, perfect for kids who want to liven up their swim gear. With their all-around durability and comfort, they are suitable for swim lessons, competitive swimming, and splashing around in the pool.

Turbo Florida Kids

comfortable goggles with curved lenses
The Turbo Florida Swim Goggles are stylish, high-performance goggles that will help your kid take swimming to the next level. Their soft silicone frame ensures a comfortable fit that will sit tightly when swimming laps or even doing jumps.

The Turbo goggles' lenses are anti-fog, guaranteeing clear vision underwater, an essential feature for training and leisure swimming. The goggles' lenses also protect a child's eyes from the harmful influence of the sun's rays during open-water swimming. The adjustable head strap is simple and quick to release, fasten, and loosen correctly, even for kids.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, these swim goggles are durable enough for regular lessons, lap swimming, competitions, or just hanging out at the pool. The Turbo Fox Junior Swim Goggles remain among the best goggles for youths, combining function, safety, and attractive design to add some splash to their swimming.

Turbo Fox Junior

kids swim goggles for competitive swimming
As designed, the Turbo Fox Junior Goggles are ergonomically formed for maximum comfort and optimum underwater vision. The flexible silicone frame easily adapts to all varieties of face shapes. Soft hypoallergenic silicone gives a tight but comfortable fit, creating a secure, watertight seal for confident, leak-free swimming.

The Turbo Fox Junior goggles' anti-fog lenses help maintain clear vision in various conditions. These goggles are particularly great for training and recreational swimming. The goggles also know the importance of maximum UV protection on the lens, which helps to protect young, vulnerable eyes from the sun's menace while swimming outdoors. They have a straightforward strap system that can be easily self-adjustable and correctly positioned over the head.

Made of quality materials, the Turbo Fox Junior Goggles are a trusted option for regular use during swim lessons, training, competitive swim meets, and just fun activities at the pool. They are an excellent addition of function, form, and safety.

FINIS Beta Goggles for Kids

right swim goggles for kids
It's a perfect match for the child who refuses anything but style. The soft dual silicon strap will hold the Betta Goggles to your child’s head securely yet comfortably, and the quick-fit buckle system allows easy and quick adjustments for a customized fit on the go. The lenses contain an anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision and an additional UV protection layer to safeguard young eyes outdoors. They are designed for extended, consistent use.

FINIS Betta goggles are designed in fun and bright colors, making them a perfect addition to any swim gear collection. Their ergonomic design makes one confident in a leak-proof seal, even over extended swim sessions. This solid pair of goggles combines the latest technological advancements with top-notch durability and style, perfect for competitive swimming, training, or just having fun in the pool.

Make a splash this summer with the right swim goggles for kids

As you search for the best goggles for kids, remember that every child is different. Don't forget to accommodate special needs and preferences, and you will find the very best pair of kids swimming goggles. Your child will love putting them on whenever they jump in the pool. Maybe it's the funky colors or an easily adjustable strap. Whatever it is, goggles can transform your child's swimming experience.

Let your kid choose their favorite swim goggles, enhancing their swimming experience and creating lasting memories. With perfect goggles in hand, your kids will be excited for every adventure in the water, and every adventure is one more treasured memory to remember.

Happy swimming!

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