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Having limited or no access to a pool provides a great opportunity to focus on other significant elements of swimming such as strength and mental training as well as technique improvement.
I want to share my knowledge with you during such a difficult time when we don't have access to a pool. Join my free online video classes on a weakly basis! Remember, the difficult times will pass by but the knowledge will stay with you forever.
Danila Novikov
Founder of
During the course of competitive career In swimming I have won a number of remarkable awards, including the 2nd and 3rd place at Junior National Russian championship In 2004 and 3rd place at NCAA D III National championship In 2011 and 2012, as well as NCAA D III All-American Team member 8 times. And the most recent one is the 2019 Summer USMS National champion.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to a pool at the moment, but it is not a reason to stop training. Let's adapt and take advantage of this situation. We can focus on strength and technique improvement while staying home.
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Here are some dryland workouts that will help you to boost your swimming efficiency outside of the swimming pool.
If you have any questions, you can ask them by mail or by phone +1 (917)-200-0342
Is it free to attend the online video classes?
Yes, the online video classes a free of charge, however you can make a donation here if you are willing to support me.
How can I attend the online video classes?
Join online video class by registering your name on this webpage. Once you register you will be redirected to the confirmation page. You would be able to find the step-by-step instruction to join online video class.
What devices can I use to join the online video class?
You can use your laptop, tablet, phone. You can use literally any device that supports Zoom App. The bigger is the streaming device is the better, since you would be able to see your online instructor better this way. You can even connect your device to a TV for the best possible view.
Do I need any equipment to attend the online video class?
I have various classes available. Some of them require stretching cords others don't. Look for the upcoming classes description. Regardless of the dryland type, make sure you wear comfortable activewear. I would also recommend to use a yoga mat for some exercises.
Is there any additional services other then the online video classes are offered?
Yes there are. You can purchase the individually tailored work out program or private one-on-one online video classes here.
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