Beginner swim lessons for children

Beginners swim lessons for children In New York

Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 14 in the United States; for every 1 child who dies from drowning, another 5 receive emergency treatment for injuries caused by near-drowning incidents. Drowning is a parent's worst nightmare, and can happen in an instant, but it doesn't have to be your reality! By enrolling your little one in our beginner swim program for kids, you can ensure they have the knowledge and skills to play safely in and around the water for a lifetime of fun summer vacations! We offer at-home swimming classes with our top instructors.

Our beginner swim lessons In New York City teach the most important foundational skills for water safety for kids, including keeping the swimmer's head above the water, floating, returning to the surface from underwater, changing directions and turning from front to back, swimming for 25 yards, and exiting the water safely. Once your child masters these techniques, they will be ready to safely navigate a variety of water settings, and can continue on to advanced lessons in our swim school for kids, where they'll learn more competitive strokes and skills!

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Our team. We are a team of highly-skilled swim enthusiasts with years of experience, education, and training in coaching and competing. Swimming is our passion and we are so excited to share it with you!
  • Danila Novikov
    Founder & Head Coach
  • Tyshaun Hamilton
    Lead Coach
  • Troy Saunders
  • Julet Carrol

Your kids will learn

We understand how crucial it is to provide safety for your kid in the water. Our swimming school for kids in New York City will teach your little one the water safety and share the knowledge of swimming that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Floating and breathing techniques

Learning to swim is a process that combines water safety knowledge, body control, and muscle memory, and at the core of that process are learning floating and breathing techniques. The most critical factor in drowning prevention is a child's ability to hold their head above the surface of the water and coordinate their breathing. Our fun and engaging safety swimming lessons for kids will teach your child these life-saving skills and more, to support their confidence, coordination, and safety in the water!

Basic swimming strokes

When a child can coordinate balance and breathing, they are ready to learn to move through the water! A child can propel themselves to safety by combining kicking and pulling in a variety of ways. Most drowning incidents involving younger children occur in pools and hot tubs, while older children are more likely to have incidents involving ponds, lakes, and oceans. Each water environment has its own challenges, and learning multiple strokes gives swimmers the tools to safely move through clear pools, deep murky lakes, and wavy beaches.

Underwater skills

Navigating underneath the water is just as important as moving across the surface of the water! Water safety skills such as breath holding underwater and propelling face down are critical for swimming comfortably and efficiently. Using fun games and races, our instructors will teach your child how to move from the surface to underwater, resurface after jumping in the water, and navigate in all directions underneath the water. These skills will help support your child's safety in deep pools, the waves at the beach, and common water activities like water slides and tubing!

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Beginner kids program
Dan has been wonderful teaching three of my daughters, particularly my four year old who started out afraid to put her face in the water and is now a confident swimmer. He strikes a great balance of patient but firm, and my kids always look forward to their lessons with him. Highly recommend!
Svetlana N
Beginner kids program
As a family of swimmers, we are very particular about swim instructors for our three children, ages 9, 6, and 4. Dan satisfied our highest standards. All three have improved their technique greatly over the last several months. The lifeguard in our pool said about the two younger ones that he had never seen such young kids swim so well. Dan also made scheduling, communication, and payment incredibly easy and customer friendly.
Julia C
Beginner kids program
I used Danswim this past summer for my 3 and 4 year old girls. We were thrilled with our instructor, Austin. The girls adored him and he made the lessons a nice mixture of fun and learning. Now my older daughter can swim a few strokes unsupported and my younger daughter is feeling more comfortable and confident in the water - which were the goals that I set out for in the beginning of summer. Also really appreciated the convenience and flexibility!!
Daria S
Beginner kids program
Dan is a great instructor! Very dedicated and professional. I love to see the happy eyes of my 5 year old son who is getting stronger, more confident and looking forward to new activities.

Simona G
Beginner kids program
The experience we had with our 5 years old is simply amazing! He's not only having a lot of fun every time he does have the swim lesson, but he improved significantly from the very first time. Ty is a great teacher and he's able to involve him in the most engaging way through games and tips. Our son now loves swimming and diving in the pool with his goggles. We'll definitely recommend this company and its services!!!

Beginner kids program
My 5 year old son has always displayed a natural talent in the water but in working with Dan, his passion and swimming skills have far surpassed our expectations. Dan recognized that my son could be pushed harder in the pool and with the right balance of rigor and patience, my son has mastered 4-5 additional strokes. What I like most about the lessons is how much my son enjoys learning - his confidence has increased greatly and Dan maximizes his potential by identifying and correcting even small nuances in the strokes. At the pool, many parents and even other instructors have been impressed by the results. Dan really cares about his students and is one of the few instructors that I have seen that can translate precise technique to young children and still keep it fun.

Margarita O
Beginner kids program
Great service! And great instructors!

Natalia S
Beginner kids program
My 10 years old son did know how to swim, because we could not find a school that fits our schedule. I found Danila on line and was not disappointed. We took 6 classes and my son can finally swim. He is very flexible with a schedule and easy to deal with and most important - he gets the job done. He delivers result in a short term. My son enjoyed his swim classes.
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One-on-one class w/ Dan
  • 60 min long
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