Pro Tips and Personalized Swim Lessons with Danila Novikov

It's an activity beloved by millions and millions of people all around the globe – but some of us have more challenges learning to swim than others.
In general, swimming isn't one of the easiest skills to accomplish. In some ways, humans weren't made exactly for the water, and the safety issues around swimming and water sports require a certain degree of skill for those who wade out into deeper waters. At the same time, in other ways, we humans were made for swimming, because of its unique benefits for both the body and the mind. Swimming is uniquely relaxing, uniquely challenging, uniquely fun.

Don't miss out. Danila Novikov offers swimming lessons in the Hamptons and the New York City area, for both adults and children. Our special business model means Danila Novikov will come to you and help you to learn in a private and safe environment, which is a lot easier than trying to take part in group lessons at a public pool.
The Basic Idea
"Learning swimming isn't like learning math – the environment in which you learn is tremendously important."
As a swim coach and accomplished swimmer himself, Danila Novikov realizes the benefits and the value of learning to swim correctly, and not just doing the basics but becoming a highly skilled swimmer. This adds a lot of value to your vacations and your home life as well.

With personalized and private lessons, Danila Novikov is able to help clients overcome barriers to successful learning. Learning swimming isn't like learning math – the environment in which you learn is tremendously important. There may be psychological issues to work through. Trust is also a major component of this. Working as a professional swim coach, Danila Novikov has figured out what makes these lessons work for a wider range of learners.

Part of Danila Novikov's ability to do this is based on his credentials, including winning 2nd and 3rd place at Junior National Russian championship In 2004 and 3rd place at the NCAA D-III National Championship games in 2011 and 2012. Then there's his eight-time inclusion as an NCAA All-American Team member. All of that and more highlights Novikov's dedication and approach to swimming professionally, which he brings to his lessons.

The Basic Idea
With Danila Novikov, you can get a single 30-minute session in the introductory package, or sets of lessons in successive light and standard packages or long-term swim instruction with the Pro package. All of this is designed for maximum convenience, and maximum value – our Hamptons swimming lessons program is a popular option where Danila Novikov can pack up and visit the student at his or her private pool for additional convenience. Don't wait! Get on the roster for swim instruction that works.