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We offer swimming lessons NYC to adults and kids of all ages and abilities. Learn to swim and gain essential water safety skills at the leading swim school in New York City.

Private Swim Lessons nyc

Learn to swim at the leading swim school for adults and kids in NYC. We offer private swim lessons with certified instructors for students of all skills and abilities. Our instructors will help you get closer to your swimming goals in the pool in each swim class. Whether you want to obtain basic swimming skills or need advanced swim training, we will create a swim program tailored to your needs, skills, and goals.
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From learning to tread water to swimming confidently in deep water, we've got you covered

Tailored Swim Lessons For Swimmers Of All Ages

Find the right fit for your age group and sign up for private swim lessons in New York.


Our swim school is New York's leading provider of private swim lessons for adults of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced students looking to fine-tune their swim strokes. Our personalized lessons focus on students' goals and needs, incorporating an empowering coaching style and technical swim instruction to ensure the best environment for personal growth and consistent progress. It doesn't matter if it's just the fundamentals of water safety or competitive swimming strokes; our caring, experienced swim coaches are here for you to develop the confidence and skills you're looking for in the water.
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Introducing babies to the world of aquatics & water safety in a supportive & friendly environment. Our baby swim classes are open to infants from 6 months to 2 years old to experience a safe introduction to water and enjoy their very first swims. This program is set to take your little one through a process of building early confidence in the water, as well as basic water safety skills of gentle paddling, kicking, and floating.
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We are experts in teaching young children basic water safety and swimming skills. Developed for kids between 2 and 4 years of age, our fun and interactive toddler swim lessons build early confidence and important water safety skills for this age group. Instructors take young kids through interactive pool games and activities that simultaneously teach them proper floating and stroke technique.
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Our swim instructors give parents peace of mind by equipping their children with age-appropriate skills in the pool. It's the ideal program for children of 5 to 12 years of age that shapes confident swimmers. Through proper progression from fundamental skills to advanced swim strokes, our curriculum designed to adapt to the ability level of every child, allowing young students to progress at their own pace.
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Our tailored swim lessons for teens provide private, customized, one-on-one instruction for kids ages 13-17 to achieve their swimming goals. Whether your child is just starting their swimming journey or preparing to join a swim team, our classes are tailored to the student's level and strictly focused on their goals & aspirations.
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Special needs

Our adaptive swim lessons are designed to perfectly match special needs. We specialize in individually designed aquatic education that caters to the participant's unique abilities and requirements. Our staff is committed to providing a loving environment that fosters confidence, independence, and skill development in the water.
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Year-Round Swim Lessons NYC

We teach children and adults essential swimming skills and help them explore competitive swim strokes.

Indoor lessons in New York

Located at: 109 E 50th St, New York, NY 10022

At-home lessons for adults and kids

Convenient & flexible schedule for busy students

Meet Our Swim Instructors

We are a team of highly skilled private swimming coaches with years of experience. Swimming is our passion; we are so excited to share it with you!
We strive to share our knowledge & passion for swimming with the public. Our expert team is a recognized & trusted source in all things related to swimming and water safety nationally & locally.
DanSwim has been mentioned on the NBC News and The City

Our philosophy

Swimming is not only a skill. It's a lifestyle!
Swimming is not only a skill, it's a lifestyle! Knowledge of water safety and swimming technique is often the only thing that separates someone from a life full of new adventures and experiences! The positive impacts of water safety training reaches far beyond the limits of the pool deck. We've seen firsthand how swimming opens the door to a lifestyle of fun, fitness, and mental and physical growth.

We are proud to be experts in swimming and water safety, and are lucky to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with our customers. Not only that, but we want to help our swimmers grow both in and out of the pool, to allow them to live their lives to the fullest!

Premium Private Swimming Lessons in New York

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  • Personalized swim classes

    We teach private, semi-private, and group swim lessons for adults and children of all levels of swimming skills. Learn to float, tread water, and get to safety without assistance. Improve your swimming skills with comprehensive instruction delivered by expert swim coaches.
  • Certified instructors

    Learn to swim, improve your fitness level, and become a confident swimmer with professional, comprehensive swim instruction. Every swim instructor has a proven track of success in delivering private lessons and maintains valid CPR, first aid, and lifeguard certifications from the American Red Cross.
  • Various locations

    Learn to swim at our indoor pool in Manhattan, or enjoy the convenience & privacy of at-home swim lessons at your location. Schedule every swim class at a time that works best for your life schedule.
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People are talking about us

Our professional, patient instructors help participants learn or improve competitive swimming strokes, endurance, and safety awareness in the water in a supportive, one-on-one environment each student deserves.
Sushmita Sharma
a year ago
Dan is patient and encouraging. He explains swim techniques in great detail. I had a great time learning from him, highly recommend taking sessions!! Thank you for teaching me 🌞
Rubin Raimundi
2 years ago
Dan is consistently patient and professional. My daughter (9 yrs) has improved tremendously. I highly recommend Dan for swimming lessons for beginners or competitive swimming (as with my daughter).
Frances Callaghan
2 months ago
I worked with Dan on multiple occasions to help improve my swim stroke and feel more confident in water. Dan immediately made me feel at ease. He would walk me through drills and then provide immediate and actionable feedback. Since working with Dan, I feel more comfortable in the water and have gone from being exhausted within 25m to completing my first Sprint triathlon (750m) in just a few months! Thank you, Dan!
M & L Productions
a year ago
My 10 years old son did know how to swim, because we could not find a school that fits our schedule. I found Danila on line and was not disappointed. We took 6 classes and my son can finally swim. He is very flexible with a schedule and easy to deal with and most important - he gets the job done. He delivers result in a short term. My son enjoyed his swim classes.
Steele Production
2 years ago
Had a great time under Dan's guide. He is super patient and a great guy. We had 3 people in our class and we were all able to progress far after just one session. I would 100% suggest him to anyone trying to enjoy all the fun things swimming bring along with it.
Sir Robot
2 years ago
Hi there, my name is Nick and I was the one responsible for creating Dan's video content for YouTube. For the full two days I had spent with Dan, what stood out most to me was his amazing coaching style, level of skill, and dedication. This wasn't just another promo shoot With hired actors that read from a script but quite the opposite. The participants smiles were real and their excitement was genuine. It has been by far a pleasure and honor to be part of an experience such as this one! This isn't another paid review, but a complete and honest opinion. For guranteed results and an awesome experience, call Dan!
a month ago
I originally found Dan via a Google search. I wanted to find adult swim classes, as most I saw were geared towards children. My intro class with him was great. He's a really friendly person and knows how to communicate well. I'm already able to do a few things on my own in the water after taking a handful of classes. I will continue to keep him as my swim instructor!
Amanda Moreau
a year ago
I really enjoyed my session in Danila's class. I had surgery my right arm and with his instruction I saw I had fuller range and my extension improved within a week. I feel more comfortable doing breast strokes and butterfly strokes. Highly recommend him for people with disabilities or physical injuries!
Maricela Alfonso
a year ago
Dan is really great and knows what he's doing.. I had no idea how to swim and an adult learning to swim isn't easy.. he is patient and gives very clear instructions and after six classes I can say I can swim.. I highly recommend
Adam Howard
3 months ago
Dan is incredibly patient and supportive. I literally could do nothing in a pool and I'm nearly 40 years old. Dan helped me overcome a lot of my fears and I have vastly improved. Highly recommended!
Rates @ our pool
45 min Private Lesson
One-on- one class
  • take 5-10 pay $110 per class
  • take 10 + pay $100 per class
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45 min Semi-Private Lesson
One instructor, 2 students
Rate applies for 2 students
  • take 5-10 pay $165 per class
  • take 10 + pay $150 per class
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45 min Group Lesson
8 weeks
  • $ 70 per class
  • 5-1 instructor to student ratio
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Private Lesson w/ Head Coach
One-on-one class w/ Dan
  • 60 min long
  • Fixed rate
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@ Home lessons rates
30 min Private Lesson
One-on- one class
  • take 6 or more pay $100
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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45 min Private Lesson
One instructor, 2 students
  • take 6 or more pay $130
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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60 min Private Lesson
8 weeks
  • take 6 or more pay $150
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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Private Lesson w/ Head Coach
One-on-one class w/ Dan
  • 60 min long
  • Fixed rate
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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