Infant Swim Lessons NYC

Give your baby the necessary water safety & swimming skills with infant swim lessons NYC. Watch how your little swimmer gains self-confidence in the pool with each lesson at our swim school.

Baby swimming lessons New York

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for kids under the age of 4. Formal swim lessons are proven to reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. At DanSwim, we believe that every swim lesson gets young swimmers a step closer to enjoying the life skill of swimming without risks. Our baby swim classes are uniquely tailored to your child's age, skills, and abilities, and are designed to make children comfortable in the water from a very early age.
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Baby swim lessons NYC

Take the first step to drowning prevention with our swim lessons for babies. We offer private swim lessons for babies of all ages in New York.


Our swim school is New York's leading provider of private swim lessons for adults of all levels of skills.
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Introducing babies to the world of aquatics & water safety in a supportive & friendly environment.
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Parent-child lessons

A perfect program that helps many parents bond with their children by learning basic water safety & aquatic skills together.
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Private lessons at-home

Give your baby essential water safety & survival skills in the comfort & privacy of your home pool.
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Baby swimming lessons milestones

Our swim school is a leading provider of baby swim classes in New York.
Our first objective is to make your kids comfortable in the pool. We foster their curiosity in the pool in a safe, fun, and supportive environment and help them gain confidence at their own pace.
Water Safety
Through fun activities & water play, your children will learn their first water safety skills like assisted floating and breath-holding underwater.
Survival Skills
As your baby gradually progresses through private lessons, we will develop complex swim skills like paddling and kicking to ensure they can safely enjoy time in the pool for years ahead.

Why swimming with Danswim?

infants private swim lessons
Various classes
We offer various swim lessons for babies. Choose among the private, semi-private, or group lessons. Progress through the lessons with informative, patient, and clear directions from our swim instructors.
Adoptive packages
The flexible lesson scheduling, paired with your personal preferences for pace and difficulty, makes our baby swim lessons experience one of a kind.
Multiple locations
For your convenience, we have multiple competitive swim facilities throughout the city. We offer swim lessons in New York, Brooklyn, and LIC. At-home swim lessons are available as well. Looking to prepare for your open water even remotely? Learn to swim with a better technique & improve your endurance with our online swim training.
Professional instructors
We are a group of swimming nerds, and we pay a lot of attention to your body position and technique during a swim lesson. Basically, swimming is our passion, and we would love to share our knowledge and passion with you.
infants private swim lessons

Our Team

Our team. We are a team of highly-skilled swim enthusiasts with years of experience, education, and training in coaching and competing. Swimming is our passion and we are so excited to share it with you!
  • Danila Novikov
    Founder & Head Coach
  • Tyshaun Hamilton
    Lead Coach
  • Troy Saunders
  • Julet Carrol

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People are talking about us

Beginner adult program
Dan is a great instructor! I took private adult swim lessons with him and he was very patient. Dan understood where I was coming from since I did not know how to swim at all. I did not have a private pool in my building so I took my classes at the public pool.
Beginner adult program
Dan is the best! I've always been deeply afraid of deep water. I found Dan in my google search when I decided to try to get over my fear. Dan is very experienced and was very patient with me. He taught me the proper way to swim, teaching me various techniques and helped me get more comfortable in the water. He also explains things well which was very helpful. While my fear is not completely cured, in the last class I was able to jump into the deep end, something I had never done before in my life. I have gotten much more comfortable in the water and am excited to continue working on this. Dan is very friendly and personable. I really can't recommend him enough!

Chris C
Beginner adult program
It's my first time taking beginner private swim lessons with Dan. Being in my mid 30s and holding a crutch for so long never learning to swim, I figured that it was time to break the streak because I really enjoy being in water with solitude. I was nervous and doubtful about not getting the best learning experiences before having the first lesson. My internal doubts after the first lesson with Dan were gone. I am truly grateful for Dan's patience, encouragement, and also providing some psychological counsel of being comfortable in water which is what I really needed. Dan really helped me to embrace the learning process and not be overly perfect and overthink in executing fundamentals. I really believe that Dan does very well in listening to the student's swim needs and having a productive dialogue to progress in a realistic manner. I look forward to taking lessons again with you in the future. Thank you Dan for sharing your passions of swimming through teaching!
Racquel B
Beginner adult program
Dan has been an incredible instructor. He is positive, calm, supportive, patient, and encouraging. He was always on time and flexible with his schedule when needed. He will explain the different techniques in detail and adjust them based on your level of experience and injuries. You can tell he is dedicated to the sport, and it isn't just about a paycheck for him. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to learn how to swim or improve their swimming.

Sushimita S
Beginner adult program
Dan is patient and encouraging. He explains swim techniques in great detail. I had a great time learning from him, highly recommend taking sessions!! Thank you for teaching me 🌞

Kelsey S
Beginner adult program
Had a great time under Dan's guide. He is super patient and a great guy. We had 3 people in our class and we were all able to progress far after just one session. I would 100% suggest him to anyone trying to enjoy all the fun things swimming bring along with it.
Maricela Alfonso
Beginner adult program
Dan is really great and knows what he's doing.. I had no idea how to swim and an adult learning to swim isn't easy.. he is patient and gives very clear instructions and after six classes I can say I can swim.. I highly recommend
Adam Howard
Beginner adult program
Dan is incredibly patient and supportive. I literally could do nothing in a pool and I'm nearly 40 years old. Dan helped me overcome a lot of my fears and I have vastly improved. Highly recommended!
Beginner adult program
I had a lot of fun during my classes with Dan! He's a great teacher and quickly helps you to improve. I learned skills in one lesson that I just could not get right before. It's often just a small, perhaps overlooked detail, which he pinpoints and helps you to adjust👍. He's encouraging and funny, and will tailor his guidance to your pace and level. Thanks Dan, I'm ready for all the fun water sports now!;) 🙌
Silvia Z
Beginner adult program
I really enjoy learning swimming with Dany, he always pushes me which I need. I like how he gives me direction, and shows me examples of what to do. We also have good conversation throughout the class, which helps me to relax and recovery my breath it doesn't make the session so stressful. I recommend him 100%
Rates @ our pool
45 min Private Lesson
One-on- one class
  • take 5-10 pay $110 per class
  • take 10 + pay $100 per class
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45 min Semi-Private Lesson
One instructor, 2 students
Rate applies for 2 students
  • take 5-10 pay $165 per class
  • take 10 + pay $150 per class
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@ Home lessons rates
30 min Private Lesson
One-on- one class
  • take 6 or more pay $100
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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45 min Private Lesson
One instructor, 2 students
  • take 6 or more pay $130
  • Semi- private lessons are available
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