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Ready to dive in? Follow our step-by-step guide to secure your next swim class.
Get a Package of Swim Lessons
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FAQ: How many classes should I book?
Swimming isn't something that is learned overnight or through a miraculous course; it requires practice and a lot of repetition. Thus, we recommend starting with a package of 8-12 classes for beginners of any age.
Fill Out the Paperwork
This is a binding form that sets out the terms and conditions for the swim lessons, articulating essential details like the time duration, total cost, cancellation policy, and code of conduct.
Please complete our liability policy to ensure your safety during lessons. The form includes important information about the student's medical history, allergies, and emergency contacts.
Why It's Important
Filling out the paperwork safeguards both parties and helps us design lessons that will be most beneficial and pleasurable to you. The information will help our team of totally dedicated instructors design effective lessons and give you nothing but the best swimming instruction tailored to fit your needs.