Advanced Swim Program

Improve your results by perfecting competitive swimming strokes. Advanced Swim lessons for triathlon, masters and open water swimming with NCAA National medalist and USMS National Champion.
Today's private swim lessons NYC market offers a vast majority of instructors. To achieve a desirable result- you need a coach with a lot of experience in the sport. I can be the one. Being a professional swimmer myself, I understand the difference between the swim lessons for beginners, and advanced swim lessons methodologies. To achieve positive results, you must look toward the small details that will ultimately add up to the bigger picture. The devil is in detail!

The advanced swimming program is perfect for those who push their limits, and train for a swimming, triathlon or any other water-based competition. Use swimming workouts to lose weight. Take your swimming to the whole new level and Improve your technique with the swim lessons for triathlon. You can bring your swimming skills to a whole new level by taking swim lessons for adults with Danila Novikov. Advanced lessons are available for children as well. Checkout the youth competitive swimming program on the private swim lessons for kids page

Learn with Advanced Swim Program

Advanced swim lessons for triathlon, masters and open water swimming.
Learn how to swim freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly (optional)
Learn competitive swimming weight training
Learn physiological and psychological appearance of competitive swimming
Learn how to develop your own swim training program
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