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Danswim is a swimming school for adults based in NYC. You'll find we have the best adult swim lessons New York can provide! Here, our friendly and knowledgeable coaches will help you improve your swimming skills at any age and level. Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced swimmer, we've got you covered with our adult swim classes in NYC. We can help you learn to swim for the first time, develop your technique, improve your speed, and build your endurance.

Learning to swim laps for adults can be intimidating, but we're here to help! We believe that swimming is an incredibly valuable skill that builds confidence, mental toughness, and physical stamina which go far beyond the reaches of the pool. Swimming is more than a sport– it's a lifestyle. Danswim offers the most valuable lessons to learn to swim NYC adults could ask for. We're confident that the skills you learn in our swim lessons will support you in every adventure your life takes you on!

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Swim classes for adults

Swim lessons for beginners adults

This swim program is designed to help beginner swimmers gradually improve their technique and overall fitness in a safe and supportive environment. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will support you throughout your journey. Whether your goal is to overcome a fear of the water, get into shape, or learn a new hobby, our beginner adult swim program is the perfect solution for you.

Summer swim lessons for adults

Imagine feeling confident enough to jump into any body of water without fear. Envision a future in which you can enjoy time at the beach or pool with confidence, knowing that you can safely swim in any situation. Our summer swim program for adults will bring your swimming skills to a whole new level. Start preparing for your next tropical getaway today, and become a confident swimmer with Danswim.

Advanced swim lessons for adults

Are you an aspiring triathlete or Ironman competitor? A Masters swimmer looking to get a leg up on the competition? Are you looking to improve your performance? Whether you're working for a first-place finish, looking to improve your speed and endurance, or simply trying to become a more confident and skilled athlete, Danswim has the most dynamic swim lessons for adults NYC can offer.

Triathlon swim lessons

Improve your stroke technique, speed, and endurance, and feel confident on your race day. Our pro swim coaches will be able to identify the areas you need to work on and guide you to success. Whether you simply need to brush off your skills or learn the fundamentals of swimming, our triathlon swim lessons will prepare you for the upcoming event like no other swim program.

Open water swim lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer, our open water swim lessons will lead you to new heights of open water swimming. We are a group of expert swim coaches with an extensive background of success in competitive swimming. Every year, we help dozens of open water swimmers improve their results and reach their goals.

Swim stroke lessons for adults

Learn all four basic swim strokes & improve your technique with a certified swim instructor. We've come a long way in teaching beginners swim strokes and enhancing the stroke techniques of competitive swimmers. Our knowledge and expertise in swimming allow us to transform & perfect swim techniques for all four strokes, and help athletes become fast & efficient in the pool.
  • Why do adults need swimming lessons?

    Learning swimming as an adult with Danswim will open you up to a world of possibilities that were previously just out of reach. Swimming is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in yourself, and at Danswim, you'll find the best swim lessons for adults NYC has to offer. Swimmers that participate in our unique program find their lives enriched beyond measure, full of exciting new experiences. Imagine enjoying a day at the pool or beach without fear or worry, envision taking vacations you've only ever dreamed about. Our instructors will help you develop fitness that will support you through a full and exciting life.
  • How do adult swim lessons help?

    Danswim will guide you through building your strength, endurance and technique to reach your athletic goals, no matter what they may be. Our athletes include: adults who compete in triathlons and Ironman competitions, parents who want to feel safer and more confident when they take their children to the beach and the pool; men and women looking to improve their fitness to support a lifetime of health and wellness; Masters swimming competitors interested in refining their technique; and many more! We can sharpen your technique to reduce your risk of injury and help you enjoy swimming for a lifetime. Our highly trained and experienced coaches can help you reach new heights in your competitive performance!
  • What to expect from Danswim swim lessons?

    Danswim's programs are the most dynamic adult swimming lessons NYC can provide. We understand that everyone comes to us at a different point in their swimming journey, and the approach used with a beginner may not be suitable for a more experienced athlete. In order to provide the best learning environment and experience for all of our swimmers, we have developed 4 distinct learn-to-swim programs. We have developed the most effective and adult swim classes NYC can accord, and we're confident we can help you find the right swim program for you! We offer private, semi-private, and group classes for adults in New York. Lessons are available in your home, as well as in public pools.

Our team

We are a team of highly-skilled private swimming coaches with years of experience. Every team member underwent extensive swim instructor training and has a positive track of succes. Swimming is our passion, and we are so excited to share it with you!
The Team teachable


The founder and head coach of Danswim, Dan is an All-American swimmer, and a certified WSI Instructor who has been swimming since he was born! He specializes in working with adults and age group swimmers.

"Living my life in the water has given me so much. I'm grateful for all of the opportunities swimming brought into my life. What does swimming mean to me? It means life!"
private swimming coaches


Our lead aquatics instructor, Ty has been swimming since he was 8 years old, and he comes to us with a background in professional swimming. He is a certified WSI instructor, and works with swimmers of all ages and levels.

"Swimming is a means of connecting with your mind and body, as well as connecting with others"


has been swimming for the past 20 years. Troy grew up in Harlem, NYC native. He began swimming at 6 and has been passionate about the swim team since he was 7-8 years old.

WSI & lifeguarding certified.


Juliet comes to us as a certified lifeguard with a swimming background, and has more than 3 years of experience teaching. She works with children of any age and level, as well as beginner adults.

"Being able to master the basics of swimming is important to any situation near water…Without the safety of swimming, it's hard to enjoy the fun of it!"

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Why swimming with Danswim?

Obtain the knowledge of swimming with services tailored exclusively for you.
Various classes
We offer various classes. Choose among the private, semi-private or group swimming lessons. Progress through the lessons with informative, patient and clear directions.
Adoptive packages
The flexible schedule of lessons, paired with your personal preferences for pace and difficulty makes our adults swim lessons in New York experience one of a kind.
Multiple locations
For your convenience we have a multiple locations throughout the city. We offer swim lessons in New York, Brooklyn and LIC. At home swim lessons are available as well.
Professional instructors
We are group of swimming nerds and we pay a lot of attention to details. Basically swimming is our passion and we would love to share our knowledge and passion with you.

People are talking about us

Beginner adult program
Dan is a great instructor! I took private adult swim lessons with him and he was very patient. Dan understood where I was coming from since I did not know how to swim at all. I did not have a private pool in my building so I took my classes at the public pool.
Beginner adult program
Dan is the best! I've always been deeply afraid of deep water. I found Dan in my google search when I decided to try to get over my fear. Dan is very experienced and was very patient with me. He taught me the proper way to swim, teaching me various techniques and helped me get more comfortable in the water. He also explains things well which was very helpful. While my fear is not completely cured, in the last class I was able to jump into the deep end, something I had never done before in my life. I have gotten much more comfortable in the water and am excited to continue working on this. Dan is very friendly and personable. I really can't recommend him enough!

Chris C
Beginner adult program
It's my first time taking beginner private swim lessons with Dan. Being in my mid 30s and holding a crutch for so long never learning to swim, I figured that it was time to break the streak because I really enjoy being in water with solitude. I was nervous and doubtful about not getting the best learning experiences before having the first lesson. My internal doubts after the first lesson with Dan were gone. I am truly grateful for Dan's patience, encouragement, and also providing some psychological counsel of being comfortable in water which is what I really needed. Dan really helped me to embrace the learning process and not be overly perfect and overthink in executing fundamentals. I really believe that Dan does very well in listening to the student's swim needs and having a productive dialogue to progress in a realistic manner. I look forward to taking lessons again with you in the future. Thank you Dan for sharing your passions of swimming through teaching!
Bruce C
Advanced adult program
Excellent swim instructor. Really helped me improve my swim time for my triathlons. I strongly recommend him!

Racquel B
Beginner adult program
Dan has been an incredible instructor. He is positive, calm, supportive, patient, and encouraging. He was always on time and flexible with his schedule when needed. He will explain the different techniques in detail and adjust them based on your level of experience and injuries. You can tell he is dedicated to the sport, and it isn't just about a paycheck for him. I highly recommend Dan to anyone looking to learn how to swim or improve their swimming.

Beginner adult program
Let me say off the bat, best swimming lessons I've ever had and I'm not just saying that because I can swim now! I've been so afraid of water that I didn't even want to do things like ride the nyc ferry lol. Now I can laugh about it. I love swimming now. I learned to not only swim but to treat the water like my friend. Plus I learned right before my honeymoon, so now I can swim with my wife. The teachers are amazing. The prices are great as well. They are really flexible and work with your schedule. Once again, thank you Dan and Mo for teaching me how to swim! I can't thank you both enough! Anyone looking to learn how to swim, this is where you should go!

Frances Callaghan
Advanced adult program
I worked with Dan on multiple occasions to help improve my swim stroke and feel more confident in water. Dan immediately made me feel at ease. He would walk me through drills and then provide immediate and actionable feedback. Since working with Dan, I feel more comfortable in the water and have gone from being exhausted within 25m to completing my first Sprint triathlon (750m) in just a few months! Thank you, Dan!
Owen F
Summer vacation program
Dan is a phenomenal swimming coach. I made more progress with him in a few sessions than anyone else over twenty years of trying. Highly recommend him if you want to learn to swim and swim great
Kelsey S
Beginner adult program
Had a great time under Dan's guide. He is super patient and a great guy. We had 3 people in our class and we were all able to progress far after just one session. I would 100% suggest him to anyone trying to enjoy all the fun things swimming bring along with it.
Summer vacation program
I originally found Dan via a Google search. I wanted to find adult swim classes, as most I saw were geared towards children. My intro class with him was great. He's a really friendly person and knows how to communicate well. I'm already able to do a few things on my own in the water after taking a handful of classes. I will continue to keep him as my swim instructor!
Maricela Alfonso
Beginner adult program
Dan is really great and knows what he's doing.. I had no idea how to swim and an adult learning to swim isn't easy.. he is patient and gives very clear instructions and after six classes I can say I can swim.. I highly recommend
Adam Howard
Beginner adult program
Dan is incredibly patient and supportive. I literally could do nothing in a pool and I'm nearly 40 years old. Dan helped me overcome a lot of my fears and I have vastly improved. Highly recommended!
Moe K
Advanced adult program
I had the pleasure of working with Dan for a few weeks and let me tell you, this has been by far the best swim coaching I've ever received. I am in the Army and needed a coach who can help me boost my confidence in the water before attending Ranger School. Dan helped me accomplish those goals and with his coaching I was able to pass all the swim/drowning tests. I've worked with other coaches who were good swimmers but what stood out about Dan is his ability to teach swimming just as much as his abilities to swim at a competitive level. He is the real deal and if you're looking to become a better swimmer then there are no better coaches than him in the NYC area. Take my word for it.

Beginner adult program
I had a lot of fun during my classes with Dan! He's a great teacher and quickly helps you to improve. I learned skills in one lesson that I just could not get right before. It's often just a small, perhaps overlooked detail, which he pinpoints and helps you to adjust👍. He's encouraging and funny, and will tailor his guidance to your pace and level. Thanks Dan, I'm ready for all the fun water sports now!;) 🙌
Alden L
Summer vacation program
Having tried both group and individual swimming lessons, I am extremely glad with the decision to go with Danila. His passion for swimming shines through - he has written a (free!) book on the basic techniques, and he genuinely derives satisfaction from his teaching. What I loved most was Danila's coupling of theory and practice for adult students. He lets you learn theoretically first, then experientially. Therefore I feel that I know why I am doing certain things and I am sure that these will help me in the long-term
Rana C
Summer vacation program
I cannot recommend Dan enough! I am in mid-30s and had around a dozen people try to teach me to swim, but none of them were even able to get me anywhere near Dan did after just 1 full lesson! He is very professional and is an excellent teacher. Thanks to Dan, my wife and I were able to scuba dive to see coral reefs and without Dan's coaching we would have never been able to do so. If you are hesitant on taking lessons and are not sure which coach is the best, you cannot go wrong with Dan so stop reading and book a lesson with him already!
Shah N
Summer vacation program
I'd been struggling with my swimming skills before meeting Dan, even though I knew the basics. He really helped me with the techniques and improved my body movements and breathing techniques. He has been very patient and thought me 1-on-1 how to be relax on water and enjoy Swiming. I highly recommend him. He's a great teacher.
Silvia Z
Beginner adult program
I really enjoy learning swimming with Dany, he always pushes me which I need. I like how he gives me direction, and shows me examples of what to do. We also have good conversation throughout the class, which helps me to relax and recovery my breath it doesn't make the session so stressful. I recommend him 100%

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