Summer Swim Program

Be comfortable in the water. Learn how to tread and swim in open water with summer vacation swimming classes.
Do you get excited thinking about your next vacations? Close your eyes and picture the perfect beach with the white sand and crystal clear blue water. Dive in and explore!

Now, when you learned how to overcome fear of water, you can take advantage of one-to-one swimming lessons and be prepared for the upcoming summer swim season. This swimming program designed for those who learn to swim as adults. If you plan to enjoy yourself in the water on your next summer vacations rather than just dripping your toes in the pool- this program Is what you need!

It's time to live your life fully and use the skills you gain with this program. Enjoy swimming anywhere in the world!
Learn with summer swim program
Summer vacation swimming class
Learn how to tread water
Learn how to swim freestyle for beginners
Learn how to swim in open water
Learn how to swim breaststroke for beginners
How it works
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Contact me to schedule the Intro. The class might be held at home pool or other locations (email for info). Class is 30 min long. Price is 70$
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Attain an intro class to evaluate your level and get familiar with your instructor. Purchase the package If satisfied with your experience.
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Set up and review your objectives with instructor. Adapt the package tailored for your needs and goals. Build the schedule comfortable for you.
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