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Olympic trials: Swimming - All you need to know (2024)

With Paris 2024 around the corner, nearly every country is preparing for Olympic Team trials to select the fastest swimmers to represent the country at the most prestigious swimming event, Olympic Games.

In this blog post, you'll find everything you need to know about the United States Olympic trials:

  1. USA Olympic trials qualifying times
  2. USA Olympic swimming team selection process
  3. Olympic swimming trials info: tickets, location, where to watch
  4. And more!

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USA Swimming is organizing, by far, one of the biggest Olympic Team Trials that will take place at Lucas Oil Stadium, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The home stadium of the Indianapolis Colts hosted many athletic events. From the Super Bowl to the NCAA Championships in the books, this multipurpose arena is now set to host its first pool competition & an Olympic qualifying meet.

Renovated in 2008, Lucas Oil Stadium will be refitted to welcome 30,000 swimming fans, allowing USA Swimming to offer various seating & ticket options for the swimming fans. The spacious football field will be used to construct three temporary pools: 1 competition pool and 2 warm-up/warm-down pools behind the covers for competitors.
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USA Swimming offers two ticket options:
  • Single day tickets

    A single-day ticket will allow you to attend swimming trials for one day: prelims & finals sessions. The pricing of seats is straightforward: the closer you get to the competition pool, the higher the price.

    Ticket prices range from $55 to $390 for single-day tickets.

    Check all session tickets >
  • All session tickets

    All session tickets allow you to attend all nine days of the Olympic Swimming Trials. These tickets are significantly more expensive, and your cheapest option would be around $475 at the very end of the stands. However, if you'd like to sit anywhere closer, the price quickly climbs up to $2000+ per ticket.

    Check all session tickets >
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  • NBC

    Continuing its history of broadcasting Olympic trials, NBC will be covering the most prestigious swimming event in the country in 2024. Broadcasting all nine finals & preliminary sessions from June 15th through June 23rd, 2024, NBC is projected to reach nearly 25 million views across the US!
  • USA Swimming Network

    As a national governing body of Team USA, USA Swimming holds all the rights broadcasting rights as well. Thus, you can watch Olympic Trials directly through their free network.

    It's available on FireTV, Roku, Samsung, Xbox, and Apple devices. USA Swimming Network is the way to go if you are looking for high-quality streaming for free.
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