Mistakes to avoid when learning how to move your arms In swimming.

Danila Novikov
2x NCAA national winner
10x All-American
It is difficult to underestimate the ability to move your arms the proper way while learning how to swim. Make sure yo check out the article about the basic swimming strokes and learn how to pull properly. This article will concentrate on the most common mistakes that the beginners do while learning how to move arms in the water. Read carefully and try not to repeat them!
Pulling with your hands is one of the most important parts in swimming stroke, and when done, it right can move you forward while increasing your efficiency in the water. A lot goes into pulling including back muscles which are used for generating force through latissimus dorsi (your lats). Let's take a look at the most common mistakes that beginners make when performing a pull in the water!
Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Keep your palms inside while pulling
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  • Use your palms to move the water
    Don't use your elbows to move the water. You ought to use your hands. Think about your palm as if it was a paddle. It will create a better propulsion, since the surface of your palms is greater than the surface of the elbows.
  • Keep your hands open while pulling
    Do not cup your hand. Do not point your fingers up or down while pulling. Using your entire palm is simply more powerful and practical.
  • Slice the water easily in front of you
    Release your arms easy in front of you and don't put any effort into it. Gently slice the water with your hands attached to each other in front of you to avoid any resistance.
  • Take your time
    Do not rush with your pull.You might lose concentration and forget about the proper technique as well as getting your muscles tired and running out of breath.
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