Swim team prep for children

Swim team prep for children In New York

The transition from beginner swim lessons to a competitive swim club can be daunting! Some children benefit from continued individualized attention, but searching for "swim team prep near me" may leave you scratching your head about where to turn for more support. Whether your child is looking to join a club or is already involved in competitive swimming, our team of former professional and All-American swimmers are ready to share their knowledge and passion for developing and improving swimming techniques for kids.

At most age group swim team practices, the demands of large numbers of developing swimmers can overwhelm even the most experienced coaches. Young competitive swimmers often don't get the 1:1 attention they need to refine their stroke, start, and turn techniques. Our individualized swimming lessons to improve technique will support your child's athletic development and provide them with the instruction they need to prevent injury and compete at higher levels of swimming!
Our Team
We are a team of highly-skilled swim enthusiasts with years of experience, education, and training in coaching and competing. Swimming is our passion and we are so excited to share it with you!
  • Danila Novikov
    Founder & Head Coach
  • Tyshaun Hamilton
    Lead Coach
  • Austin Sheehan
  • Julet Carrol
What you will learn
Boost your child's performance in the water with our swimming school for kids In New York City. Get them to the whole new level!
Improve technique
Our team of instructors are experts in swimming techniques for kids, and have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help take your child's competitive swimming performance to the next level! We'll analyze the dynamics of your child's performance in each of the 4 competitive strokes to determine their individual strengths and needs, and lead your swimmer through a personalized program designed to build their knowledge, speed, technique, and body awareness.
Improve turns and starts
In the 2020 Summer Olympics, the difference between first and third place in the Men's 50M Freestyle final was a mere .5 seconds. Dive starts and flipturns generate the fastest velocities in a swimming race, and as your child continues to advance as a competitive swimmer, these elements will make the difference between glory and defeat. By fine-tuning your swimmer's power, reaction time, and technique, we'll teach them how to maximize the potential of these critical racing skills!
Insights from professionals
Our team of former professional swimmers have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help take your child's competitive swimming performance to the next level. As All-American swimmers, we know the science behind what it takes to be fast and efficient in the water, and our lessons and programs are specifically designed to improve swim technique for kids by refining stroke form, fine-tuning starts and turns, and polishing the skills that matter the most in competitive swimming!
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People are talking about us
Svetlana N
Swim team prep
As a family of swimmers, we are very particular about swim instructors for our three children, ages 9, 6, and 4. Dan satisfied our highest standards. All three have improved their technique greatly over the last several months. The lifeguard in our pool said about the two younger ones that he had never seen such young kids swim so well. Dan also made scheduling, communication, and payment incredibly easy and customer friendly.
Jon B
Swim team prep
Dan and team have been terrific - professional, punctual and effective. And the kids don't even argue about going to swim lessons!

Swim team prep
My 5 year old son has always displayed a natural talent in the water but in working with Dan, his passion and swimming skills have far surpassed our expectations. Dan recognized that my son could be pushed harder in the pool and with the right balance of rigor and patience, my son has mastered 4-5 additional strokes. What I like most about the lessons is how much my son enjoys learning - his confidence has increased greatly and Dan maximizes his potential by identifying and correcting even small nuances in the strokes. At the pool, many parents and even other instructors have been impressed by the results. Dan really cares about his students and is one of the few instructors that I have seen that can translate precise technique to young children and still keep it fun.

Rubin Raimundi
Swim team prep
Dan is consistently patient and professional. My daughter (9 yrs) has improved tremendously. I highly recommend Dan for swimming lessons for beginners or competitive swimming (as with my daughter).
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