Swim Clinic With World-Class Swimmers in NYC

What is a swim clinic?

Here at DanSwim, we open our doors to swimmers of levels and abilities to attend our swimming technique clinics.

A swim clinic is a special event organized and hosted by experienced professional coaches and advanced swimmers who provide guidelines and feedback on your starts, turns, and stroke technique.

Whether you are looking to join a swim team or want to improve your performance in the pool, our expert team will help you to:

  1. Enhance your existing skills

  2. Gain a competitive advantage over other swimmers

  3. Achieve your swimming goals

Secure your spot today and learn from the best swimmers in the Nation.

Swim Stroke Clinics Offer

We create the best learning environment for advanced and novice swimmers.
  • Personalized Approach

    Most swim clinics have a disproportionate swimmers-to-coaches ratio, and therefore, many athletes don't get the attention they deserve. But at our swim school, we focus on the goals of each and every individual swimmer. That's why we have limited the number of spots in one class to 10 people.
  • Stroke Technique Work

    Swimming technique is one of the most important aspects of success in the pool, as well as the key to avoiding injury. The best coaches and swimmers in the Nation will come together to give you their professional advice. We will show and teach you how to execute all four strokes with the correct and efficient technique.
  • Starts & Turns

    Starts & turns take up approximately 40 percent of the course, and as experienced competitive swimmers, we understand their importance. That is why, at our swim clinics, we will pay special attention to the starts & turns and give you practical advice on how to improve the technical details.
  • Pro Race Technique Tips

    Racing is a separate part of swimming that requires a specific level of psychological and physical conditioning. We will give our professional advice and experiences combined with the secrets that helped us succeed as competitive swimmers.
  • Video Analysis

    Apart from learning the right swimming technique from our example, you will be able to see & correct the mistakes you've made in real-time. We will film every swimmer and pinpoint the areas where we believe you can make improvements and take a step closer to your goals. After going through the video analysis, we will return to the pool and fix your swimming mistakes together.
Meet Your Stroke Clinics Hosts
We are experts in teaching stroke techniques and delivering top-notch swimming lessons internationally
Danila Novikov
Dan is a decorated collegiate, professional, and Masters swimmer with dozens of National Level awards. Dan's passion for the sport led him to open a New York-based swim school where former professional swimmers and swimming experts deliver foundational skills in the water to students of all ages and abilities.
Maria Rezhylo
Maria is a former professional and collegiate swimmer with multiple World Records under her name. She is a swimming technique nerd, eager to share the knowledge and expertise she acquired during her professional career. Sharing her experience with multiple college and club swim teams, Maria is excited to join our swimming technique clinics and continue to help swimmers of all ages and skill levels to achieve their goals

Upcoming clinics

Sunday , June 25th
5:30 PM- 7:30 PM
Open turns
Video analysis
Friday, June 30th
12:30 PM- 2:30 PM
Flip turns
Video analysys
Swim Clinic - Attendance Price
2 hrs.
Friday Clinic
2 hrs.
Sunday Clinic
4 hrs.
Sunday & Friday Clinic

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