Mistakes to avoid while learning how to breathe in swimming.

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One of the most challenging things for a beginner swimmer is to learn how to breathe while swimming. Here is the list of mistakes you should avoid when breathing while swimming.
Breathing is one of the most important parts of your stroke and air is simply your asset. Breathing can slow you down or give your muscles more oxygen to keep swimming. It's an essential skill that you need to master. Otherwise, you won't be able to swim for long, and every time you run out of breathe, you will have to stop. There are a lot of components that are going into proper breathing than just taking your breathe in. Let's take a look at common mistakes in breathing while swimming and how to avoid them!
Common mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Breathe out
    It sounds weird, but yes, you have to breathe out underwater as many times as you take your breathe in. Here is why: our body creates CO2 as a byproduct of exercising. When too much CO2 build up in your body, you get those urges to take a breathe because your brain things you don't have enough O2. So, when you breathe out underwater, you get rid of that CO2 that builded up in your body. Remember to inhale above the water with your mouth, you can exhale underwater with both your nose and your mouth.
  • Don't let the water go inside of your mouth
    Why does the water goes inside of my mouth? Do not forget to close your lips before submerging under the water. Do not open your mouth wide while breathing. Gently slurp the air in with your lips rounded.
  • Keep the proper position of your head
    Why does the water goes into my noes? In most cases, it happens when you forget to tuck your chin in and point the forehead down towards the bottom of the pool. This way the water pressure will apply against the forehead and nasal bridge instead of nostrils.
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