Swim lessons for adults and kids NYC

Private Swim Lessons in New York

We are the team of swim enthusiasts In NYC. Swim lessons New York City market is full of options. It might be tough to select the right one. We are here to help you to make the right choice.

We see ourselves as a group of swimming nerds. The passion for swimming mixed with the teaching expertise allows us to offer the best swimming lessons in New York. Our swim classes designed and adopted for all ages and levels.

We offer swim lessons for adults, children and toddlers.We offer learn to swim classes in New York, Brooklyn and Queens. At home swimming lessons are availble as well as the private swim lessons in the Hamptons area (seasonally).

Private swim lessons for all ages and levels
Choose one of the five swimming programs and learn how to swim with Danila Novikov
Choose one of the three swimming programs uniquely designed for adults
Choose one of the three swimming programs uniquely designed for adults
Teach your child to swim with one of the two swimming programs developed specifically for kids.

What you'll get

Obtain the knowledge of swimming with services tailored exclusively for you.
Private Classes
Exclusive one-to-one swimming lessons focus on your needs and desires.
Adoptive Packages
Flexible schedule helps you to balance the swimming lessons with your daily activities and progress through the programs with the pace you are comfortable with.
At Home Classes
Private swim lessons at your home are available for your convinience.
Comprehensible Instructions
Your private swim coach will help you to progress through the program with informative, patient and clear directions.
Lessons for All Ages
It Is never too late to learn how to swim. Learn at any age with swim lessons for adults NYC and private swimming lessons for kids.
Various Locations
Choose among several available options: learn how to swim NYC, private swim lessons Brooklyn or Queens, as well as Hamptons swim lessons(May through September).
Our Philosophy
Swimming is not only a skill. It's a lifestyle!
Knowledge is one of the most valuable resources people posses. Our job is to supply our clients with it. We believe that the knowledge that we supply our customers with is significant for them. We are lucky to say that we love what we do.

Once you gain the knowledge of swimming, you open the door into a different life. A life full of new adventures and experiences. This is where swimming becomes more than just a skill. It becomes your lifestyle.
People are talking about us
Sushmita Sharma
a year ago
Dan is patient and encouraging. He explains swim techniques in great detail. I had a great time learning from him, highly recommend taking sessions!! Thank you for teaching me 🌞
Rubin Raimundi
2 years ago
Dan is consistently patient and professional. My daughter (9 yrs) has improved tremendously. I highly recommend Dan for swimming lessons for beginners or competitive swimming (as with my daughter).
Frances Callaghan
2 months ago
I worked with Dan on multiple occasions to help improve my swim stroke and feel more confident in water. Dan immediately made me feel at ease. He would walk me through drills and then provide immediate and actionable feedback. Since working with Dan, I feel more comfortable in the water and have gone from being exhausted within 25m to completing my first Sprint triathlon (750m) in just a few months! Thank you, Dan!
M & L Productions
a year ago
My 10 years old son did know how to swim, because we could not find a school that fits our schedule. I found Danila on line and was not disappointed. We took 6 classes and my son can finally swim. He is very flexible with a schedule and easy to deal with and most important - he gets the job done. He delivers result in a short term. My son enjoyed his swim classes.
Steele Production
2 years ago
Had a great time under Dan's guide. He is super patient and a great guy. We had 3 people in our class and we were all able to progress far after just one session. I would 100% suggest him to anyone trying to enjoy all the fun things swimming bring along with it.
Sir Robot
2 years ago
Hi there, my name is Nick and I was the one responsible for creating Dan's video content for YouTube. For the full two days I had spent with Dan, what stood out most to me was his amazing coaching style, level of skill, and dedication. This wasn't just another promo shoot With hired actors that read from a script but quite the opposite. The participants smiles were real and their excitement was genuine. It has been by far a pleasure and honor to be part of an experience such as this one! This isn't another paid review, but a complete and honest opinion. For guranteed results and an awesome experience, call Dan!
a month ago
I originally found Dan via a Google search. I wanted to find adult swim classes, as most I saw were geared towards children. My intro class with him was great. He's a really friendly person and knows how to communicate well. I'm already able to do a few things on my own in the water after taking a handful of classes. I will continue to keep him as my swim instructor!
Amanda Moreau
a year ago
I really enjoyed my session in Danila's class. I had surgery my right arm and with his instruction I saw I had fuller range and my extension improved within a week. I feel more comfortable doing breast strokes and butterfly strokes. Highly recommend him for people with disabilities or physical injuries!
Maricela Alfonso
a year ago
Dan is really great and knows what he's doing.. I had no idea how to swim and an adult learning to swim isn't easy.. he is patient and gives very clear instructions and after six classes I can say I can swim.. I highly recommend
Adam Howard
3 months ago
Dan is incredibly patient and supportive. I literally could do nothing in a pool and I'm nearly 40 years old. Dan helped me overcome a lot of my fears and I have vastly improved. Highly recommended!
Private swim lessons price
Adults classes are 60 min long. 30 and 45 minutes classes are available with swim lessons for kids.
Intro Class
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30 min Class
(per session)
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45 min Class
(per session)
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60 min Class
(per session)
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Ok, so how many classes do i need to take to learn how to swim?
Everyone learns with a different pace. It also depends on your starting level and goal you want to reach. It's easier to tell an approximate number of classes you need to take upon completion of the intro class
How do I register for a class?
Press the button book your appointment on this web page and follow the instructions. Please fill out the health form prior to your first appointment. Wait for the confirmation email.
What do I need to bring with me to a class?
Fill out the health form prior your first appointment. You need a swimsuit, googles, swimming cap (optional), flip-flops/sandals, towel. You can purchase googles and caps from us for $15 fee.
How can I pay?
Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Cash. We are accepting the payments in crypto currency as well.
Should I pay for the full package in advance?
Yes or we can brake up the payments into 2 installments
Can I reschedule my class?
Yes as long as you notice us within 24 hours. Otherwise money are not refundable.
Are you vaccinated?
Yes, all our instructors are vaccinated.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
Who are the lessons for?
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